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The Shafer Academic Team is open to all students who would like to grow academically in a fun and competitive way. For our teams to achieve growth and success, students need to commit to practice and independent study. Our team practice is every Monday after school until 4:15 PM. Teams consist of 4 students each and letters indicate the ranking of individual students. Students on team A are generally the most experienced and best players. The coach has the discretion to form the teams. 
As members of the Sumner County Middle School Academic League, we practice with other teams once a month at various county middle schools. Traditionally, we compete in three NAQT Tournaments and two National Computer Competitions annually. 
We are very proud of the 2017 teams. Team A placed 2nd in the SCMS Tournament and our B team placed 8th. 
The Shafer A team also received an invitation to the 2017 National Academic Quiz Tournament held in Dallas, TX in May. 

Cheer leading Camp summer 2017

All American Squad include: Katy Fitts, Cherishh Willis, Riley Lee, Caroline Harvey and Kylie Holland. 



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Shared Vision
Pursuing academic excellence, developing personal motivation, and inspiring continued learning endeavors in preparation for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Effective leaders are visionary, have high expectations, focus on student learning, and use data to drive decisions.
Leaders value and involve all stakeholders in setting goals and improving school culture, and subsequently hold themselves and all stakeholders accountable for results.
Leaders commit to the development and growth of other leaders by modeling transparency and setting the example.

Collaborative Culture
Professional Learning Communities maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, and promote cross-curricular, student-focused, and solution-oriented discussions.
Classroom activities and interactions provide opportunities for student collaboration that builds trust, respect, and confidence among diverse learners.
Teachers and administrators actively communicate and collaborate with all stakeholders.
Students take an active ownership of their learning experiences.

Quality Instruction
Teachers engage in relevant professional learning and collaboration with colleagues in order to design quality standards-based instruction for students.
Teachers provide data-driven feedback, and students actively collaborate with teachers in setting their own academic and personal goals.
Teachers provide authentic learning experiences in which students develop deep understanding, character, self-reliance, and citizenship.

Resource Utilization
Shafer Middle School attracts and retains quality faculty and staff through strong leadership, supportive mentoring, and a positive, collaborative environment.
Administrators, teachers, and Parent Teacher Organization work together to recruit and utilize community, business, and parent resources.
Shafer Middle School acquires, maintains, and equitably uses facilities, materials, and technology to support student success.